Rawlathu Alif Baa | Grade 01 (Arabic Reading Book)

روضة ألف باء | ரவ்ழது அலிப் பா 

  • Language: English & Tamil
  • Second Edition: June 2023
  • Pages: 88
  • ISBN: 978-624-6218-06-5
  • Publishers: Darul Iman Trust, Colombo
  • Distributers: Islamic Book House, Colombo

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روضة ألف باء | ரவ்ழது அலிப் பா | Rawlathu Alif Baa | Grade 01 (Arabic Reading Book)

This is the third book from the series of Alif Baa which is targeting AlQuran Madrasa children. This book has named as Rawlathu Alif Baa.

The book Rawlathu alif Baa which is designed for Grade-01 Includes following features.

  • The letter forms changing system when the Arabic letters found at beginning, center and the end.
  • Practices to familiarize and memorize the Arabic wors which are related with day-to-day life.
  • Reading practice for the words which contain compound letters.
  • Introduction of the icons such as sukoon, Shaddha & thanween.

When the children study this book which is prepared with the purpose of improving the skill of Arabic language, they can improve the skill of Arabic language reading. As well as the teachers should provide various exercise for the children which resembles this book.

May Allah bless the Al Quran Madrasa teachers who cooperated with us in the mission of preparing these books and proof reading. We hope for your comments and suggestions for further enhancement of this workbook.


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