Hadeeqathu Alif Baa | Pre School (Activity Book-02)

حد يقته ألف باء | ஹதீகது அலிப் பா

  • Language : English & Tamil
  • Second Edition : June 2023
  • Pages : 76
  • ISBN : 978-624-6218-00-3
  • Publishers : Darul Iman Trust, Colombo
  • Distributers: Islamic Book House, Colombo

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حد يقته ألف باء | ஹதீகது அலிப் பா | Hadeeqathu Alif Baa (Activity Book-02)

This is the second book from the series of Alif Baa serieswhich is designed aiming preschool grade of Al Quran marasa Students

This second activity book has been designed with the purpose of familiarizing with Arabic letters and identifying the vowels like fathha, kasra, dhamma.

Arrangements should be done in order to be utilizing this book by children at out of madrasa. Then parents may monitor their activities via this book. May Allah bless the Al Quran Madrasa teachers who cooperated with us in the mission of preparing these books and proof reading.


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