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Hadeeqathu Alif Baa | Pre School (Activity Book-01)

حد يقته ألف باء | ஹதீகது அலிப் பா

  • Language : Arabic
  • Second Edition : June 2023
  • Pages : 61
  • ISBN : 978-624-6218-05-8
  • Publishers : Darul Iman Trust, Colombo
  • Distributers: Islamic Book House, Colombo

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حد يقته ألف باء | ஹதீகது அலிப் பா | Hadeeqathu Alif Baa (Activity Book-01)

This book is an initiative to teach the knowledge of revelation scientifically by using modern teaching learning methods and techniques, with the goal of understanding and implementing the Qur’an

This activity book is designed for preschool children with the purpose of developing the skills of identifying the Arabic alphabet, pronouncing the alphabet, introducing familiar vocabulary for memorizing the alphabet, colouring within the grid, to give micro and macro ligament training, develop perception and psychomotor skills.

The activities that children have to do individually are included in this book. Children should be guided towards these exercises only after they have been familiarized in the Arabic alphabet by engaging in various play activities using real objects. The purpose of these exercises is to ensure the ability of children to identify the Arabic alphabet and to practice answering the questions.

It is appropriate make arrangements to use this activity book only in the Quranic schools. Continuous observation while the children are engaging in training can help understand their progress and to identify the learning disabilities in order to plan the feedback accordingly to develop their Arabic knowledge.

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