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Simplified Noorani Qaa’ida | Book-1

نوراني قاعداة

  • Language: Arabic & English
  • First Edition: June 2012
  • Pages: 41+iii
  • ISBN: 978-955-1028-25-1
  • Publishers: Darul Quran Al-Kareem, Sri Lanka

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نوراني قاعداة | Simplified Noorani Qaa’ida

(Method of Reciting Al-Quran)

  • Ideal Syllabus for Pre-Schools & Schools

Embarking on elaborating the “NOORANI QAA’IDA” without the slightest change in the original format, is a great blessing. The need of learning Noorani Qaa’ida from infant age has been a long-standing issue. With a careful study and analysis of the mental capacity of a kid, how this knowledge should be given is amazing. This book covers many aspects in linguistic education. By following the guidebook, parents, too, will be able to easily understand and teach even a slow learner.

Prior to a child stepping into Book 1 many other activities are designed for the child to identify the letters by using the sandpaper letters. Individual attention is given to each child, which helps the brain cells to be stimulated as the fingertips are the most effective source of feeling the sense. “Three period lesson” is used for each letter and the picture reading makes the child perfect in not only memorizing the letters and words, but also it helps in developing the Language, Arithmetic concept, and the unique creation of Allah.

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Al-Hafiz M Mahir Mohideen


Darul Quran Publication


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