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The Diary of a Paediatrician | Volume – 01

The Diary of a Paediatrician | Volume – 01

  • Language: English
  • First Print: December 2018
  • Pages: 217+xii
  • ISBN: 978-955-3479-00-6
  • Translated by: Thooba Rayes
  • Publishers: Abrar Foundation

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The Diary of a Paediatrician (True touching cases) | Volume – 01

When you read these chapters I hope that you would think and reflect on your health and the blessings you are blessed with and feel a sense of gratitude so that you become God- conscious (Thaqwa) and grateful to your Creator.

Every single chapter and every single case in this book is real. It is what I have witnessed with my very own eyes, what I have heard with my very own ears and treated with my very own hands. This is not a book of fiction, this is not me trying to conjure up an enthralling story. It is me just conveying a setting, a patient and a conversation to the readers as accurately as I can remember. I have tried to translate genuine emotion into words, something that is almost impossible to do, so as you are reading be aware of the fact that in some circumstances the emotions will have been evaporated and tangled between the translated words.

– Dr. Rayees Musthafa.

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Dr. Rayees Musthafa


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