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Unani Gastroenterology

(Amraz e me’da wa ama’ a wa jigar)

  • Language: English
  • Pages: 213 +xi
  • ISBN: 978-624-5718-10-8
  • First Edition: February 2022
  • Publisher: ReadMore Publication, Colombo.
  • Distributors: Islamic Book House, Colombo.

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Unani Gastroenterology

This book once again revives the thoughts and theories of the Greco-Arabs particularly on the GIT and the Liver, the diseases to which it can be prone and exploration of the possibilities of treatment by natural drugs and diet.

The theories and philosophies of Greco-Arabian medicine have never been controverted in any age or period because men of science and medicine are still trying to reach the claim of understanding the mechanism of the human body, and the intimate relationship between the spirit and the body, which determines the state of one’s health.

This book is meant for all men of science and medicine who, with a mind free of bias and prejudice are willing to accept the challenge of GIT and liver diseases and to find their cure through natural drugs. Linking the past with the present, going back again and again to the vast fund of empirical knowledge stored in the ancient tradition for culling out new ideas, for study and investigation and with the help of techniques and procedures developed in the course of the last 3 or 4 decades, finding new and better uses for some of the old-time drugs, promises well for the future of health.



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