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Man’s Search for God

  • Language : English
  • First Published : 2016
  • Pages : 221+v
  • ISBN : 978-93-5169-001-6
  • Foreword by : R.H Khawaja
  • Publishers : Islamic Book Service(P)Ltd,New Delhi.

Man’s Search for God

Man is searching God from time immemorial. The search is still on by many; many are content with what they have already discovered. Before we set our feet on the path that leads to God, let us discover our origin first. How has Mankind come into existence. The purpose of this book is to bring people of different faiths and religions together by discovering God, who, in fact, is not different for different people. The Creator cannot be different. The Creator is One ,call Him with any name-God, Allah, YHWH, Ishwar, Ahura Mazda, or Rab. We are not aware of any religion, which describe many Creators! Even those who believe in multiplicity of gods, believe that Brahma-the Creator-is One and Only. We have yet to find a person who uses the word ‘Creator’ in Plural. Even those who talk about gods believe in One Creator. The bandwidth of this book covers, Scientific,Philosophical, Spiritual and Religious approaches about existence of God. “As mentioned,The Purpose of this book is to unite, which is the need of the day”.

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