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The Boy in the Well

The Story of Prophet Joseph (Yusuf)

  • Language: English
  • First Edition: April 2017
  • Pages: 327+v
  • ISBN: 978-0-9573104-1-4

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The Boy in the Well

The Story of Prophet Joseph

This story- the story of Prophet Joseph- is everything. It is adventurous, emotional, funny, sad, and so much more than that. His life is not only a story to be told, but also a guide for so many on how to live our lives. It is an ocean of meanings and lessons. So, while reading, get lost in his story, get lost in his life but also, look to how it can help you in your life because we can promise you that you will find at least one thing that will make your life better. Quoting Dawud Whansby, ‘the beautiful story of Yusuf has so much to fill our lives!

Prophet Joseph is a prophet in three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. This story is based on the Islamic version. Prophet Joseph is the English name of Prophet Yusuf (which is rooted in Arabic and the Islamic version).

Although this is the Islamic version of the story, the name Joseph has been used because the references that the author used were using the English name. Also, the names of many other characters are mentioned in the Bible or Old Testament, but cannot be found in the Quran, so it has been used for ease and compatibility of character names.

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