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Islam – A Religion with Wings

  • Language: English
  • First Edition: 2013
  • Pages: 157
  • ISBN: 81-7231-523-6
  • Publishers: Islamic Book Service (P) Ltd, New Delhi

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Islam – A Religion with Wings

Dedicated to people who ponder upon finding the purpose of life and trying to discover the creator – the Most Compassionate and Merciful – Who created man, the heaven and the earth, and all creatures (visible and invisible) and showered His Blessings upon them. Man may or may not discern but his soul recognizes Him! No Creature on this earth can ever deny His Blessings. A true believer surrenders his will to the Will of God – the One and Only. This Book is dedicated to such believers of GOD.

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Moid Siddiqui


Islamic Book Service


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