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Why Woman are Accepting Islam

  • Language: English
  • Pages: 344
  • ISBN: 978-996-086-172-4
  • Compiled by: Muhammad Haneefa Shahid
  • Publishers: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors,Riyadh.

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Why Woman are Accepting ISLAM

Illuminating Journeys of Faith

Explore the realm of faith, transformation, and personal growth with “Why Women are Accepting Islam,” a compelling compilation penned by the acclaimed author, Muhammad Haneef Shahid. This religious and spiritual non-fiction offering invites readers into the experiences and beliefs of various women from diverse backgrounds who found their spiritual home in Islam.

About the Author – Muhammad Haneef Shahid

Muhammad Haneef Shahid has created a name for himself as an insightful compiler, scribing thought-provoking narratives that delve deep into the heart of Islam. With a previous publication of a similar focus under his belt, Shahid’s work continues to offer enlightening perspectives and outspoken accounts of individuals’ spiritual journeys.

“Why Women are Accepting Islam” is another feather in his cap, a testament to his commitment to demystifying and celebrating the charm of Islam.

Book Summary

“Why Women are Accepting Islam” stands as a testimony to the far-reaching influence and appeal of Islam. It brings together the captivating narratives of different women who have chosen to embrace Islam. Each story is a mirror reflecting their previous beliefs, their impressions of Islam, and their compelling reasons to convert.

The narratives move beyond mere accounts of transformation to shed light on their perspectives on Islamic societal norms. In this, the book touches on sensitive issues like veiling and the ethics surrounding the mingling of opposite genders. Each tale is an endorsement of the esteemed position of women in Islamic society, highlighting the critical role they play in shaping it.

Features of “Why Women are Accepting Islam”

  • A comprehensive account of the transformative journey of women towards Islam.
  • A deep dive into Islamic societal norms and the role of women in it.
  • An exploration of the factors driving the widespread acceptance of Islam worldwide.
  • A collection of diverse narratives offering varied perspectives on Islam.
  • The commendable work of the esteemed author, Muhammad Haneef Shahid.

Genre: Religious & Spiritual Non-Fiction

Classified under the Religious and Spiritual Non-Fiction genre, “Why Women are Accepting Islam” serves as a beacon for those seeking to comprehend the growing appeal of Islam among women worldwide. The book serves as an excellent resource for those involved in Da’wah work and a guide for non-Muslim women who wish to gain clarity about Islam.

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