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Concepts and Theories of Islam | GCE A/L P-02

Concepts and Theories of Islam (GCE A/L)

  • Language : English
  • Pages : 222+X
  • First Edition : 2020
  • ISBN No : 978-624-5064-31-1
  • Publishers : ReadMore Publication, Colombo.
  • Distributors : Islamic Book House, Colombo.

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Concepts and Theories of Islam (GCE A/L 12) Part -02

This book comes up with a title “Concepts and Theories of Islam”. In fact the Title means Shariah and Figh respectively, at this point Concepts mean the truth based on ‘Wahi’, Theories mean the facts based on Fiqh (opinions of Scholars).

This book is compiled from a collection of materials from prominent Islamic scholars based on the new syllabus and the ‘TIM’ (teacher’s instruction manual) but its depth of detail serves more advanced readers than that. On the other hand, the book is not only a reference work, but it is more than a modern textbook.

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Ash Sheikh S.M. Mazahim (Islahi)


ReadMore Publication


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