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Kitaab-us-Salaat (Muslim Prayer Book)


  • Language: English & Arabic
  • Reprint: 2014
  • Pages: 108
  • ISBN: 978-81-7231-195-8
  • Author(s): Majilisul Ulama of South Africa
  • Publishers: Islamic Book Service(Pvt)Ltd. India

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Kitaab-us-Salaat (Muslim Prayer Book)

Salah occupies a lofty position in the Islam. Its performance is the foremost duty of a Muslim after he has brought faith in the ones of Allah and the prophet hood of his Holy Messenger (PBUH). Therefore, Islamic Book Service has published Kitaab-Us-Salaat in order to familiarize the reader with all the aspects related to offering Salaat, types of Salaat, Methods of performing Salaat etc.

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