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Do Not Be Envious

  • Language: English
  • Second Edition: September 2012
  • Pages: 87
  • ISBN: 978-9960-9967-0-7
  • Publishers: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors, Riyadh.

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Do Not Be Envious

Discover the destructive power of envy and learn how to overcome it with the insightful book, “Do Not Be Envious.” Envy, the cause of the first disobedience in the heavens, remains a prevalent sin on Earth. In the story of Ibless (Shaytaan), we witness how envy, arrogance, and pride led to his disobedience to Allah, his Lord (as mentioned in Al-Araaf (7): 12). Envy is a deadly disease of the heart that not only ruins personal relationships but also disrupts communal harmony.

In this concise yet impactful book, the causes, effects, and methods of dealing with envy are explored. Authored by the Darussalam Research Section, “Do Not Be Envious” offers valuable insights into understanding the nature of envy and its detrimental consequences. By delving into this topic, readers will gain a deeper awareness of the dangers of envy and the negative impact it can have on their lives.

This book serves as a prescription for those afflicted with the disease of envy, providing guidance and practical solutions to overcome this destructive emotion. By embracing the teachings presented in “Do Not Be Envious,” readers can find the cure and liberation from the clutches of envy, fostering healthier relationships and nurturing a positive mindset.

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