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A Mental Hijrah

Towards a Unified Muslim World-View

  • Language: English
  • First Edition: 2003
  • Pages: 80
  • ISBN: 81-86632-84-0
  • Publishers: Maktaba Al Hasanath, New Delhi

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A Mental Hijrah

Towards a Unified Muslim World-View

The book is divided into five parts, each called a book. We start with the book of Framework, which describes the problem this book attempts to resolve, an approach to the solution, the tools available to achieve the solution, and an architectural framework in which to implement the solution. It is commonly understood that the foundation of Islam is on its five pillars. The framework defines the architecture that the five pillars need to support. Without such architecture, the pillars just stand there aimlessly. Next comes the book of Worships, which examines the worships that Quran prescribes. These worships are performed in physical, ethical, and spiritual dimensions. The worships in the spiritual dimension include the well-known five pillars of Islam, and they also include worships in the physical and ethical dimensions, as well as worships at the level of the Ummah, which are currently neglected with impunity. Next comes the book of Wisdom, which consists of a set of “theorems” that attempt to enunciate aspects of the “Hikmah” in Quran. This is followed by the book of Research, which discusses and formulates a number of research problems in various categories. The Muslim researchers are invited to address this catalogue of research problems. Finally, we conclude with the book of Vision, which compares the Muslim world-view and the Euro-American world-view and suggests how each can benefit from the other.

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Dr. Abdur Rahim Choudhry


Maktaba Al Hasanath


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