Mass Media Communication

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Mass Media Communication

Mass communication is the term used to describe the academic study of the various means by which individuals and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. It is usually understood to relate to various media of information, such as newspaper and magazine publishing, radio, television and film, as these are used both for disseminating news and for advertising. Mass media communication thereby represents an important part of the journalistic enterprise today, and is indispensable to the way journalism today functions. The present book has been conceptualized and. designed as a text which looks into the theories and practices of mass media communication. It undertakes a thorough look into the principles and practices which have defined mass media communication over the years, and how, under the onslaught of emerging technologies and media, the process is undergoing changes. Both theories and practices have been given in comprehensive detail, and the main agenda is to give readers a thorough account of what entails the field of mass media communication in the present era.

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